In gypsy magic, there is a very effective ritual of binding with a loved one using red thread and a ripe apple. If he hasn’t contacted you for a while and you are worried about him, and especially if there is a chance that someone is influencing him in your absence, chanting to him, this ritual will also serve as a kind of protection for your relationship. 

For the ritual, you need to wrap the photo of your loved one seven times using a red string and then cut them all in the middle, chanting: 

I cut off all the spells, break all the bindings, be reborn and appear before me! 

Afterwards you need to pick an apple from the tree, it can even be inedible one, bring it home and remain silent all the way. Silence is the most difficult part of the ritual, as at such moments everyone will need all sorts of things from you. But you must be silent! Take a gypsy needle and put in one of the red threads that were used to wrap the photo. Circle the apple horizontally (clockwise) with this needle and thread, as if you are stitching two halves of the apple together, but do not insert the needle inside. 

Remove the needle from the thread and tie the ends of the thread around the apple together with a triple knot. The needle can then be used as usual. 

By the way, there is a useful trick to prevent the thread from slipping from the apple when you are circling it with a needle. Before starting this part of the ritual, use your fingers to make small indents around the apple where the thread is supposed to wrap, this will prevent it from slipping downwards during the stitching. 

Then you wrap the apple with your skirt (it can not be washed skirt, it must be worn at least once). This is to represent you covering your loved one under the ham of your skirt to protect him. Now chant: 

I am covering you with my love, protecting you with my strength, my man, come back to me! 

Then put the apple in a dark place for three whole days. 

After three days take the apple from inside the skirt and burry it under the same three it was plucked from. While covering it with earth, with the thread still around it, chat: 

As I plant this seed of love, I feed the earth with my desire, so let the true love grow from this earth and from this seed. The spirit of the tree, I summon thee to witness and ask you to strengthen this deed! So mote it be, in truth and for good! 

Take a branch from the tree, a small one – a couple of centimeters, bring it home and put under your pillow. Keep this branch nearby as a connection to him, until he comes to you in a dread or he himself appears. If keeping the branch under your pillow is inconvenient for you, you can also put it under the bed (under your head) or keep it on your bedside table. You can even tie the branch with the remaining red threads and hang it above your bed. While tying the branch chant: 

I link my beloved, as the thread is spinning, so is his road leading to me! 

The skirt can be washed and worn after the ritual. It has served its purpose. 

© Elena Shuwany