💨🔥💦🌱Elements are the grandest force of our world, the basis, around which our whole world is based upon, from which originates everything else. They are present everywhere and in everything: around and in the person themselves – Air, Fire, Earth, and Water are affecting not only our inner state, but the outside events as well.

The Alignment “Four elements” will show which elements will be more prominent in the energies of an upcoming period of your life and how they will affect you. The Alignment can be made for any time-period that interests you (month, three months, or even a whole year).

The Alignment will show the development of your life in those spheres, which every card out of four elements is responsible for:

Card 1. 🌱Earth. Material sphere – of finances and results of your labor. Questions of your body, health, property, and stability.

Card 2. 🔥Fire. Sphere of activity and achievements. Questions of moving forward in your career, changing your social status and victories.

Card 3. 💦Water. Sphere of feelings and personal relationships. Questions of creativity, love, emotions, and worries.

Card 4. 💨Air. Sphere of ideas and movement. Questions of social contacts, travel, education, and growth.

For the Alignment send your Name and Date of Birth to elena.shuwany@gmail.com. Price: € 15 

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