Our world is a unity of different sides, in each person, nature has its own harmonious ratio of male and female principles. Only in their own unique combination they create balance of energies which states characteristic of that person. 

How we interact with our inner man dictates on how we interact with the opposite sex, how we see ourselves in the society, life, etc. Strong disharmony between the male and female principles leads to destructive consequences for the psyche, organism (physical body) and energy. 

Having established connection with your male half, having clarified for yourself your karmic and tribal tasks in the field of relations, you will discover the path to harmonious relations with a real man in the outside world. 

Card positions in the Alignment: 

1. Karma and its tasks in a relationship 

2. Lineage and its tasks in relationships 

3. The influence of the family on the relationship pattern 

4. Experience in relationships 

5-6. Current task 

7-8. Female beginning 

9-10. Male beginning 

11-12. Interaction of those beginnings 

13. The manifestation of female qualities 

14. Interaction with men 

15. Synchronization of these processes, integrity 

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