The preceding week was full of fussy moments. The approaching one will incline to leisure and acedia.

We were covered with a veil of oblivion over the past two months, and now, it looks like some soft influences will affect us for several weeks more. They’re just moving into top gear and sirenizing us with colorful pictures.

🔶 First one will affect communications and trips.

These days, everything is happening slower than we got used to. So, we must consider the new traffic schedules and be more careful on the roads, both as a driver or a pedestrian. I’d recommend you back off, since the Universe calls for calmness.

Speak deliberately, hang on and clarify the wording and details. The Universe provides you with meticulousness so that you wouldn’t get embroiled in whitewater of the near future.

🔶 The whole next week will be preparations for the full-moon.

Though, the full-moon might pass softly. There might be some precognitive or psychological dreams requiring introspection. Indeed, you are free to use dream books to allegorize them. But if you write your dreams down or want to understand your inner world, I’d recommend interpreting your dreams yourself. On Friday, in the full-moon eve, there might be some nightmares. Don’t consider them prophetic. They sign you have finally overcome your fears.

The full-moon will impress personal relationships. Romantic mood will come to the fore, especially for women. Don’t hide your tender and kind attitude towards your loved one. Follow your heart, regardless of the advice to be cold or indifferent, especially if there are signs of feelings fading away.

🔶 The next influence will be noticeable right on the weekend and effect the energy balance.

This one will cover you with relaxation, inclining to hide from the outer world. Drowsiness and laziness will become your faithful companions, and you hardly wish to get rid of them. In fact, it works in favor. On weekend, I recommend postponing any issues, get a good night’s sleep and switch from usual activities to something atypical. The Universe gives you two days to forget about obligations and impeccability.

The only limit is sports, since the risk of injuries rises. Though, you are free to go to a swimming pool or water park.

Creative people will receive a special bonus in the week, the inspiration to act with no delay or waiting for the right moment. A perfect place and time to create is here and now, and the Universe will favor and encourage you. Don’t give up opportunities, because rarely the Universe chooses singles out of many to give such a chance.

In this week, the daily leading energies are

Monday will be pleasant and active, perfect for endeavors.

Tuesday will be ambiguous and heterogeneous in the sense of energies. Though, it will be a good day to do things that work best.

Wednesday will be nervous and moody. The pre-lunar energies start their bizarre dance, confusing us and plunging into an abyss of doubts.

Thursday will be sleepy and lazy. Your mind will seem covered with a fog depriving of the ability to think clearly or hasten.

Friday will be a full-moon eve, so the emotional state will be good, but any unusual situation might send you into a tailspin and slow down decision making.

On Saturday, the Full Moon will come. As its peak moment is in the evening, the whole day will be an anticipation of this important event. Emotions will stifle the voice of the mind.

Sunday will be a relatively pleasant day compared to the Saturday’s emotional outbursts. The Universe will send us some calm energies to take care of the most anxious individuals.

I wish you a perfect week! Let the favorable energies be with you, and remember that in your life, those energies may have particular features, so just be attentive and react to the changes vigorously!

© Elena Shuwany