The forthcoming week will bring no special influences. Everything will be calm and quiet after the new moon. The situation doesn’t spring surprises, and there are no hardships in the offing.

It may seem like you have a right to relax, but it is not. It’s high time to set up lines of defense so that you won’t drop a war but a single battle.

The first influence to appear will drive you to deny team mates’ support and load yourself with all the urgent tasks.

Initially, it will be tough, but in these days, we learn rapidly not to rely on other people. The Universe seems to build up barriers between people and make pleas for help remain unnoticed. Thus, don’t waste your time looking for assistants, accomplish as much jobs as you can yourself.

Notably, this influence will touch males, since mostly, they know what situations may allow to operate by force, or cheat, or negotiate. Females should escape intruding men’s fields of efficiency, either in business issues or in intimate ones.

The second influence will affect monetary sphere positively.

First, it will touch the professionals who adore their field of efficiency. The Universe will smother them in gifts — proportionally to their merits, though. So one should better not to await such gifts from chance but invest in their professional advancement.

Those, who have not yet decided whether to change the field of activity, should think twice if it is worth to run into big money instead of choose a job that makes them happy. A favorite job is a privilege.

The third influence, a week long, will involve the justice and rightness.

Everybody will have to find their special path with no imposing values but giving their environment to live their lives. Some individuals will show disproportional care one would prefer to escape. Personal boundaries and separation from parents or close people, who are no longer there, will become crucial.

Rarely, the Universe accepts the language of harshness. But being a harmoniously developed personality means abilities to stand up for oneself, refuse, take aside stupid books or a disgusting movie, and break up connections. There’s another cleansing of the environment approaches. It will be more painful than the previous ones, but help us get off the ground.

The specific energies will come out on the weekend.

They will cover travel, since spring has come, and the weather looks perfect for walks and tours. I recommend driving carefully and avoid even minor mistakes on the roads. Delay long-distance travels, and flights especially, if you can. When flying, keep the tickets, documents and wallet with you.

Bikers should hold up a start of the season. Even if the weather is excellent and you are confident in your abilities, don’t ride on this weekend.

One extra instruction is to avoid staying at public places on Saturday or Sunday.

I wish you a perfect week! Let the favorable energies be with you, and remember that in your life, those energies may have particular features, so just be attentive and react to the changes vigorously!

© Elena Shuwany