A Red Thread Magic Spell is a reliable protection against the evil eye, evil spell or envy. For ages, red woolen thread was a perfect protective tool against any trouble. It is a well-known Cabalistic tradition that had taken root with us.

Yet this way of putting a spell on a talisman is still rare, but Its effectiveness does not decrease. To make a Red Thread talisman, you need a cut of red woolen thread and tie it in nine knots, at an equal distance from each other. While making knots, whisper,

My talisman, my talisman,

Protect from disaster or creeping disease,

Or implacable foe, or satanic beings.

Be my windbreak, be my safe rock,

As if I’m behind nine locks and nine keys.

My word is solid that no one scores off

All what I say will take my course.

After you say all the words, tie the thread to your left wrist.

Perform the ritual personally or trust it to a close relative or a friend.

This ritual is especially effective for mothers to protect their children from the evil eye. Here, a woman should put a spell on the red thread and then tie it to a baby’s wrist.